Braids-Plaits, French and Corn Rows Style
Braid Twist

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Base Style
Braids - Plaits, French and Corn Rows (Loose waves)

Products Required
J. Nissi Thirst Quencher, Glossifier, Smooth as Silk, Moisturizing Gel.

Separate the hair into the 5 sections to be braided. Avoid parting the hair down the middle of the back of the head. The hair can be combed towards the forehead, or with a side or center part. Select 1” square patches for small waves and 2-3” square patches for larger waves. Equally separate each patch into the three sections that will form the braid. It is important that each piece be the same thickness and length so that the braid is uniform and you do not run out of hair before the end is reached. Braid the hair overhand in a tight weave pattern. Allow it to dry for at least 4 hours.

Ends can be placed on a plastic roller or curling rod or curled with a bobby pin. The hair can also be worn without straight ends, depending on the length and the desired look.

Comb-Free Daily Styles
The hair can be worn upswept, loose or banded depending on length.

Limitations / Precautions
Avoid the use of the comb.
Note: The size of the patch and the length of time that the hair is allowed to dry will determine the volume of the style and the tightness of the wave pattern

Daily Care Regimen
Lightly spray the hair daily with Thirst Quencher and Glossifier twice per day. Do not reapply the gel, if used. Tie down the edges nightly. Apply Smooth As Silk with a scarf for ten minutes daily or as needed.