Natural Ingredient Chart D-Q
Name Part(s) UsedCosmetic Use
Deionized Water Used as a moisturizer, carrier.
Fennelseed, leaves, roots Used as a fragrance in hair care products.
Fenugreek seeds Used in hair growth tonics.
Flax seed seedsUsed as a fixative to set the hair.
Ginseng root Used in hair tonics for its soothing effects.
Goldenseal root Used to treat itchy scalp and dandruff.
Grapefruit peel, seedUsed to preserve cosmetics and as a cleansing agent.
Hawthorn dried fruit Used in hair care products as an astringent.
Henna flowers, leaves, stems, rootUsed in hair care products as a dye and conditioner.
Honeysuckle flowers, seeds, leavesUsed in shampoos for its fragrance and cleansing properties.
Horsetail herb Used in hair products to reduce oiliness and hair loss.
IndigoherbUsed for its dyeing property and its calming affect on the scalp.
Irish Moss sea herbs, red algae Used as an emollient, cleanser and nutrient.
Jojoba Oil jojoba bean Used as an Emollient, moisturizer and lubricant.
Junniper berries Used as a Vitamin C source.
Karaya Gumdried from tree trunkUsed as a thickener or suspender in hair care products.
Kelpentire plant Used for its soothing properties.
Litmus entire plant Used in color sensitive neutralizing shampoos for its pH reactive pigment.
Lanolinsebum from lambs woolUsed as an emollient and conditioning agent in conditioners.
Lavender leavesUsed as an antiseptic, stimulant of circulation.
Lemongrass Used as a cleansing agent in shampoos.
Lovage leaves, root Used as a cleanser and deodorant.
Mints (pepper) herbUsed to stimulate the scalp and as an astringent and antiseptic.
MyrrhstemsUsed as a fragrance, astringent and cleanser.
Nettle herb, seeds Used to stimulate hair growth.
Neem Oil bark, leaves, seedsUsed as a cleansing agent, antimicrobial, anti bacterial, anti- drandruff.
OatbarkUsed as a cleansing agent.
Olive Oiloil of fruit, leaves, bark Used in shampoos, conditioners and hot oil treatments. Good for moisturizing cleansing and softening.
Orange Blossomflower, leavesUsed as an anti-inflammatory, anti- fungal and anti-bacterial. Used in dandruff shampoos to kill bacteria.
Pectinpeel of citrus Used as a thickener and film former.
Primrose Oil, eveningbark, leaves, seedsUsed in hot oil treatments to condition dry hair. Also found in conditioners and shampoos. Reduces the flow of excess sebum and minimizes snarls and tangles.
Quillayadried barkUsed for its high foam, cleansing and anti- dandruff properties in shampoos.