Natural Ingredient Chart A-C
Name Part(s) UsedCosmetic Use
Acaciastems, branchesUsed in holding sprays, wet sets as a thickener and film former.
Agar-agardried mucilage of boiled seaweed Used as an emulsion and suspending agent in gels. Gives a smooth feel.
Aloe vera leaf Used as an astringent, emollient and moisturizer.Also soothes and heals.
Almond kernelsUsed for moisturizing. Also used as a laxative
Angelica seeds Used to inhibit bacteria and fungus, similar to bergamot.
Apple fruit Used for cleansing, acts as an astringent.
Apricot kernelsUsed as an emollient, similar to almond.
Arnica roots,flowers Used as a nutrient in hair tonics.
Avocado pulp oilUsed in hair pomades to stimulate hair growth. Also used to moisturize and acts as a sunscreen.
Balm of Gilead juice of barkUsed in hair conditioners, similar to balsams. Major use as an additive in cough syrups.
Balsam of Peru liquid Used in hair conditioners for its aroma and antiseptic qualities.
Balsam ToluliquidUsed in hair conditioners for its aroma and antiseptic qualities.
Basil herb Used to scent hair products.
Bearsfoot root Used in hair tonics to reduce hair loss.
Beeswax honeycombs Used to thicken, emulsify and stiffen ointments.
BergamotherbUsed to scent and inhibit bacteria and fungus. Bergamot has been used in grease.
Betula (Betulla)leaves, barkUsed in shampoos as an astringent or fragrance.
Burdock Root root Used for cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Cade oilbranches, woodUsed as an anti-bacterial agent in dandruff shampoos.
Calendula oil (Marigold) Used to promote circulation.
Chamomile (Camomile)flowers Used to color, reduce irritation and speed healing. Also effective against selected bacteria in shampoos.
Camphor gum from tree Used as a scalp stimulant in hair grease.
Capsicum Used as a circulation stimulant.
Cardamondried ripe seedsUsed to scent hair care products.
Carrot seed oil seed Used to increase the sebum produced by the scalp; stimulate and provide antiseptic properties.
Castor oil seedsUsed in hair grease and hot oil treatments.
Chiclebark, leavesUsed in hair spray for filming properties. Also used in gum (Chicklets™).
Chinchonabark Used in hair tonics to stimulate growth.
Citric Acidcitrus fruitsUsed as a pH adjuster, stabilizer and preservative.
Citronelladried grass Used to scent and decrease bacteria and fungus growth in hair care products.
Coconut Oilcoconut kernelUsed as an Emollient.
Coltsfootleaves, flowers, rootsUsed in hair tonics due to the high content of cystine.
ComfreyleavesUsed as an Astringent. Contains allantoin, which is used to improve the absorption of amino acids.