Hair Care Dos and Don’ts

Allow your hair to air dry at least once per month to give it a rest from blow dryers.

Use a light spray of water to moisturize your hair. This is very important during the winter months.

Select the products that are most effective and least damaging for your hair. Rotate your products based on the season and the needs of your hair.

Inspect your hair for damage at least once per month. Look for split ends, fragments of hair in your comb or brush and a hair with a light spot along the shaft. The light spot indicates a perforation that will eventually break.

Select alternative hairstyles that do not require the use of heated styling at least twice per month.

Protect your hair from the sun and increased use of heated styling tools in the humid, summer months.

Use more than one of the following: permanents, bleaches and dyes.

Wear the same hairstyle for extended periods of time. This can place the hair under extended stress and lead to damage.

Schedule chemical treatments too frequently. This can lead to over processing.

Put off scheduled touch ups. Too much time between touch ups can lead to breakage at the point where the curly hair meets the straight hair.

Expose your hair to the dry air, or your coat collar during the winter months. Always wear a hat or scarf.