Air-dry Ponytail Style

Base Style
Air-dry Ponytail

Products Required
J. Nissi Smooth as Silk, Moisturizing Gel.

Comb freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair into the position that you would like for ponytail placement. The most common positions are in the middle of the back of the head, just below the crown area and at the nape of the neck. In some cases the head may need to be tipped forward while combing so that gravity works with you. Take care not to over comb the hair while it is wet, as this can lead to damage and breakage. Next, secure the hair with an elastic band. Apply Smooth as Silk and lightly brush the hair with a natural bristle boar brush. Braid the ponytail and tie the entire head down with a silk scarf for at least 20 minutes.

Comb-Free Daily Styles
The hair can be worn in a ponytail, bun or twist. If the ponytail is positioned low in the nape of the neck a barrette or decorative band can be used to clasp and decorate the hair. Positioning in the crown area is very popular: Areas like the nape of the neck tend to be viewed as conservative. Clip-on and drawstring wigs can also be used to create dramatic looks. Headbands can also be used to create a different look. If a drawstring ponytail is worn the hair should be covered with a footie or wig cap so that the mesh does not cause damage.

Limitations / Precautions
The edges of the hair are delicate and can be damaged when brushed. Also, tight banding, as well as, exposure to the mesh backing and comb of the drawstring ponytails can lead to breakage. Avoid combing the hair.

Daily Care Regimen
Saturate the hair twice daily with the Thirst Quencher. Focus on the edges and the ends, but target the entire head of hair. The ponytail can be unbraided and worn wavy and re-braided daily however the hair should not be combed until it has been shampooed and conditioned.