The Bantu Knot Style
Live demonstration of effective techniques

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Base Style
Bantu Knots or single strand twists, resulting in tight, springy curls

Products Required
J. Nissi Thirst Quencher, Glossifier, Friction Ease, Smooth as Silk, Moisturizing Gel.

First separate the hair into 4 large sections.The sections should be chosen based upon the style that will be worn.(i.e.If the hair will be pinned up then it is best to avoid parts down the center of the head) Start at the nape of the neck, sectioning the hair into 2-3 inch squares. The parts do not have to be straight. Starting at the ends, twist the patch of hair until it begins to tighten onto itself and collapses against the scalp.After the hair has completely dried (air-drying could take 24 hours) the hair should be taken down and each patch should be separated into five to ten pieces.Take care not to over separate the patches or comb the hair, as frizzy curls will result. Note: The length of time that the twist dries in place and the size of the patch determine the curl pattern.

Comb-Free Daily Styles
The hair can be worn loose or upswept. It can also be secured with bands for a wavy ponytail. Tendrils can be pulled into the forehead area to frame the face or to create a sophisticated look.Over the week that this style is worn the curls will loosen, providing an opportunity to experiment with different looks as the curls relax. The hair can also be re-twisted after saturation with Thirst Quencher or Smooth as Silk.

Limitations / Precautions
The hair appears much shorter. This style can lead to excessive tangling and locking if left in too long. The hair should be washed at least once every two weeks. Always apply oil to the hair prior to twisting and avoid the use of the comb.

Daily Care Regimen
Lightly spray the hair daily with Thirst Quencher and Glossifier twice per day.If the gel has been applied it should not be reapplied. Tie the hair up nightly and apply Smooth As Silk with a scarf for ten minutes daily or as needed.