The Double Strand Twist Style
Double Strand Twist

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Base Style
Twists - Double Stranded (Loose waves - permed hair, Springy waves - virgin hair)

Products Required
J. Nissi Thirst Quencher, Glossifier, Smooth as Silk, Moisturizing Gel.

Separate the hair into 5 sections, two sections in the front and three sections in the back. Avoid parting the hair down the middle of the back of the head. The hair can be combed towards the forehead, or with a side or center part. Within each section, select 1” square patches for thin twists and 2-3” square patches for thicker twists. Divide each patch into two pieces, wrapping section over section until the end is reached. Twist the hair as close to the scalp as possible, so that the shorter hairs are captured. If the ends are blunt a small elastic band can be used to secure the ends. Bobby pins or curlers can also be used to create a curly look.
Note: If a section of the twist is puffy, then the twist was not tight enough. Untwist and redo.

Comb-Free Daily Styles
The hair can be worn in the twists or taken down for a wavy look. Upswept styles, and single ponytails are particularly attractive in either case. Children’s styles include one or numerous ponytails. Barrettes should be placed on the ends to add color and weight for lengthening

Limitations / Precautions
If exposure to lint is limited, the hair can remain in this style for 4-8 weeks depending on the curl pattern and the texture. It can be washed and conditioned in this style. A leave-in conditioner is (please finish this statement Alicia)

Daily Care Regimen
Lightly spray the hair daily with the Thirst Quencher and Glossifier twice per day. Do not reapply the gel, if used. Put on a bonnet or tie down the hair nightly. This is important since the twist may collect lint, which is difficult to remove even after the hair is washed. Apply Smooth As Silk with a scarf for ten minutes daily or as needed. Every couple of weeks you may choose to saturate the hair with Smooth as Silk or Thirst Quencher and re-twist the area around the perimeter of your head. Note: Do not comb the hair.